This is a poem in response to Do not go gentle into that good night. It is about meeting an old friend again after they’ve gone in a town that’s completely familiar but totally changed all at once.
It was inspired by a lovely old lady who recently passed away – she was widely regarded the last of the ‘old characters’ of my hometown, New Quay. But of course, every generation has its characters and no matter how mush time passes, New Quay will always be a special place full of interesting people. It is Llareggub after all…



When it’s time for us to meet again, I’ll meet you

At the end of the old pier,

The sea blue and grey with dolphins

And you’ll be there

Sitting on the breeze

Smiling back at the old town

Drinking in the days.


The characters are benches now,

Though wild women still dance and shriek in the shadows

And the strong and silent watch their flocks on the hill.

Yesterday and tomorrow

In timeless tradition.

Fish are fished

And birds are watched,

And on golden, chain-crossed sands

Joy and laughter ripple,

As all are children once again.


Nothing changes and nothing stays the same.

Time ebbs and flows

In and out with the tide.

Be here with me

At the end of the old pier.

No time like the present.

No time at all.



(By Kate O’Connor)