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FREE Under 25 Supporters’ Scheme

Sign up to access discounted tickets for events, as well as free entry to all sports screenings at the Centre. If you are aged 18 – 25, you can join for free!

U25 Supporters must show a valid form of photo ID upon collection of tickets/entry to screenings.

If you have a question about the Supporters’ Scheme email us on administrator@londonwelsh.org or give us a call 0207 837 3722.


A copy of our quarterly magazine.

Free entry to all Sports screenings at the Centre.

Discounted tickets for selected London Welsh Centre Events.

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Please note that it may take up to the first week of the following moth for your application to be processed.

Before completing this form please read the full Terms and Conditions regarding Under 25 Membership.

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Under 25 Supporters’ Scheme Form


  1. To become an U25 Supporter, you must be aged between 18 and 25.
  2. U25 Supporters are limited to booking one ticket for themselves.
  3. U25 Supporterts must show a valid form of photo ID upon collection.
  4. Any future bookings made before your application has been processed will not qualify under the Under 25 Supporter Scheme.
  5. All bookings are in accordance with the London Welsh Centre’s General Terms & Conditions.
  6. The London Welsh Centre reserves the right to cancel your membership to the scheme, with any future bookings should you be found in breach of these terms.  If your U25 Membership is cancelled on this basis you will not be permitted to re-apply for membership in future.
  7. U25 Memberships are valid up until the day before the member’s 26th 
  8. If you wish to cancel your U25 Membership, please email administrator@londonwelsh.org
  9. The London Welsh Centre reserves the right to review and amend the U25 Supporters’ Scheme without prior notice.
  10. The London Welsh Centre reserves the right to terminate the U25 Supporters’ Scheme at any time.