New intensive 5-week Welsh language course for beginners.

8th June – 8th July 2021

Our new intensive 5-week Welsh Language Course will increase your chances of success with 3 hours of classes a week.

Join Sion on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm. 

The first steps on any journey are sometimes the hardest to take, that’s why we introduced this intensive 5-week course designed to help students immerse themselves, learn effectively and increase their chances of success. This course is perfect for beginners, where you will learn everyday phrases, basic language patterns, to speak about everyday activities such as your work, background, and hobbies, as well as offering the opportunity to practice your pronunciation.

This course will be delivered online through a virtual classroom, where you will be able to interact with the tutor and the other people in your group in an informal and friendly atmosphere.



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The aim of the course will be to enable you to hold simple conversations in Welsh and to gain a grounding in pronunciation and basic patterns as a launching pad to further learning in order to gain greater fluency. We will also be looking briefly at aspects of Welsh culture and sharing our experiences and questions around all things Welsh. The course assumes no previous knowledge of Welsh but will also be suitable for those who have some previous experience but who feel they need to ‘go back to basics. When you can say even a few simple things in Welsh, you will have begun to open the door to experiencing the fullness of the world of Cymreictod/Welshness, and native speakers and other learners who are already further along the road to fluency will encourage you forwards.

Sion Aled Owen



Term Dates
8 June – 5:30 pm
10 June – 5:30 pm
15 June – 5:30 pm
17 June – 5:30 pm
22 June -5:30 pm
24 June – 5:30 pm
29 June – 5:30 pm
1 July – 5:30 pm
6 July – 5:30 pm
8 July – 5:30 pm